Appalachian Rural Talent Initiative

For bright rural futures we need to invest in bright rural students! Dedicating time and resources to place-based gifted education is one way to promote the value of rural living, create sustainable rural communities, and cultivate future rural leaders. 

The Appalachian Rural Talent Initiative, funded by the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation and supported by Virginia Tech, strives to support sustainable gifted programming in rural Appalachian districts in Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia. With participating districts, we share alternative methods for identifying students for gifted services that allow more rural students to benefit from enrichment activities, raising student achievement scores in the process. We provide a place-based language arts curriculum to be used with identified students and offer continuing support for teachers. This work is an extension of our previous grant, Promoting PLACE in Rural Schools

Promoting PLACE in Rural Schools

Promoting PLACE in Rural Schools was a six-year federally-funded research project. In fourteen rural districts across Virginia and Kentucky, we aimed to

  • Build sustainable gifted programs in rural schools
  • Increase the number of students identified for rural gifted programs through universal screening processes and local norms
  • Create a high-quality, place-based language arts curriculum
  • Increase student achievement in language arts
  • Increase student engagement and self-efficacy

The results were extremely encouraging all across the board. Not only were students identified through our alternative processes successful in gifted programs that used our place-based curriculum, they actually performed better than traditionally-identified students who did not use our curriculum on all our outcome measures.

You can read much more about the project in our research monograph, Gifted Education in Rural Schools: Developing Place-Based Interventions (2021).

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